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Subject: Marriage and working
Date: Tuesday, March 02, 2004
Name: Gary Adams
Message: What a great website, everything on here is very useful. Thanks.

I have some questions. My fiancee has just left for to go back to france today for her job. We are going to wed soon, and I am going to move to france. I am going to attempt to find work in france, hopefully quick.

I want to know would it be better or easier for us to wed in the states or in france? Which will be easier for us?

Also after we get married how long would it take before I would legally be able to work in france? I am very anxious to go. Would I be issued a work permit when we get married? And I think we can pass the 40 day rule, since we have been living together in the states for about a year.

I am going to visit the consulate in my area tomorrow to get more detailed information about it.


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Name max
Message Get married in France. Much easier. Before you go, get a carte de sejour. Then after you get married everything will be much easier. Otherwise, you will have to return to the US to get the carte de sejour and that can take up to three months. Be sure to get married within 2 months of your arrival in France. Your fiance can get all the information at the Mairie in her area.

Name Gary Adams
Message My plan is to go to france in April for a visit, and when I get there we get married. Will I have to be there a certain amount of time before we get married? Or can I prove that we have been living together for 8 months back in the states? And after we get married i should get the carte de sejour in France? and then come back to gather my stuff?

How long would it take for me to get the carte de sejour once I apply for it?

What will the carte de sejour entitle me too? Will I be able to work in France while I have this?

I am going to the consulate in the morning to get more information.

Thanks for your help

Name max
Message You have to have the carte de sejour before you leave the states. It takes 2 to 3 months to get one. You cannot get one in France. Have to get it in the US. If you don't get it here before you leave, you will have to come back to get it.

Word of advice, I went to the Consulate before I did the same as you. Was told I didn't need to get a visa. Guess what? After we got married and went to the perfecture to get me legal, I had to return and wait 3 months to get my visa.

Name Gary Adams
Message Max, I just returned from the consulate. The lady told me the easiest way to do it is to get married in the US, and then submit the marriage paperwork to them. They will process the paperwork and translate it then send it back to France to make them aware of the legal marriage. Then she told me to after that I can go to the prefecture in france with my wife and then apply for my carte de sejour.

This seems to be exactly what happened to you, so do you think we should just get married in france? it seems like it takes more work to do this, than it would in the US.

This is really tough I need to figure out what to do, these laws are so complicated.

Do you mind if I give you a call, and maybe you can help me out...I am desperate and need some assistance. If you prefer you can call me, can you email me your phone#?

I really appreciate your help,

[email protected]

Thanks, Gary

Name max
Message Gary:

This is what happened to us:

We got married in the states. We went to the consulate and they told us everything had to be done in France.

I stayed behind to finish my job. My husband had to get all the papers translated into French. They don't do it for you. Then he had to make copies. Here is what he needed:

both our birth certificates marriage license taxes or papers proving his yearly income. He has to show that he can take care of me. And he also had to submit the papers on his house

There are a couple of others, but I can't remember what they are.

They also will pay a visit to his house to make sure it is livable.

He took all that to the perfecture, took a month for him to get an appointment. He was told it would take up to 8 months for the paperwork to go through. He was also told that I could come and live him, but once everything was approved, I would have to return to the states to get the visa. And since I would be in France without a visa, I would have to stay in the states for 3 months before I could return with the visa.

I have opted to stay in the states until everything is approved.

Name Marie
Message The thing with getting married in the US is that if the immigration officers think you could stay in the US, they won't let you in. Coming to the US on a visitor's visa and planning to get married is illegal. So if you walk up to them and say "Oh i'm getting married" they are going to send you right back. Even if you tell them you have no attention of staying in the US. They think everyone wants to come live in the US. Your fiance would have to get a fiance visa which can take 6 months or more...

Name Gary
Message Ok good, we are not planning to get married in the US, but we are planning on getting married in France now...

I just have to get everything togther, all of my documentation and then have it translated when I go to France...Will i need a fiance visa, when I go to France to get married to her? Or can I just go like a tourist, and how long will I have to be there before we can get married?

Name Aurelien
Message Check that site : Everythin' you're wondering about marry in America and got french papers. It's in french !

Name Alex
Message Hi Gary,

I have just moved from California to Paris in Dec. and was married in Feb. to a French citizen. To answer your question in regards to how long it takes to get married once your here I would have to say it depends on the Mayor's office you go to. When we went they told us once we provide all the paper work they have 10 days to marry us. It took 30 days. Once we thought we had all the correct paperwork there was some other form they would request.

Have your soon to be wife go her Mayor's office and get a list from one of their clerks. Just to be safe. Good luck.

Name Sjaan
Message Hi! im so happy I found this site!!!

My boyfriend is French and I am American. We are going to get married here in the states and plan on living in France in the comming year. Will I have a problem working when we move? How long will it take for me to get my working papers? So we can go to France? Will he need to stay in France or can we both wait here in the US while my paper work goes through?

Thanks so much :-)

Name Aurélien
Message Or check this site out : And marry in Scotland as fast as in Las Vegas, in a pretty little village called Gretna Green where the pipes are calling, proudly and loudly callin'... Then check your ambassies and now please you people could stop to speak about marriage ? Congretulations but think to the lonely cowboys... So now, I turn my back and run away that site ! It scares me off ! Congratulations to all ! Bye now ! ( Well... I bought a stetson one at a cowboy shop in the mall in Dallas, and I realize that only tourist wear stetson in Dallas ! So I gave it to my black cameroonese friend ! I'm not a cowboy anyway ! I am a woman entrepreneur hunting at Victoria's secret ! ) Hey ! Marie ! Will you write me soon by the way ? See ya later alligators ! In a while crocodiles ! Congratulations to all again ! And now leave me in the rain !


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