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Subject: Moving to france... with my US girlfriend.
Date: Monday, January 26, 2004
Name: Ben
Message: hi!

I'm a fench citizen, i have beebn dating an american girl for more than a year... I moved to us recently to see if we can handle living together. I have just a tourist visa, so i'm going back to france in a few. She is planning on moving to france to 9 month in june, in order to learn french, be used to our "weird" habits. Do you know if it's hard to get a visa for her? Some websites just show a big amount of paper to give, the official website of the french ministery of foreign affairs says "no visa required ", even for more than 3 month... i'm kinda lost here... After this 9 month, we might get married and things should end up fine.. For the moment i'm still technically married in france, and my divorce should be pronounced shortly.. Did someone faced up the same situation? Thank you for your information and reactions..

Replies Posted 8.

Name beth
Message I've never had problems staying in France longer than 3 months. Right now, I am in the states waiting for my husband to bring me over on family reunification. However, the perfecture told him I could come and live with him until the procedure is complete. Then I will have to return to the states to get the permanent resident visa.

I don't know where you will be living, but you might not have any problems. One thing I do suggest is that you get health insurance for her.

If you want to do it legally, I suggest she apply for a long term visa at the France Consulate. It will take approximately 3 months. You will have to submit financial papers, house contract, and proof that you can take care of her. She will also have to show that she has health insurance coverage in France. I found a couple of places on the net, and it is much cheaper to buy it on the net, or you to buy it for her in France, than it is for her to buy it in the states.

Name Ben
Message Thank you for your information Beth..

It's true that i don't really see why she might be controlled in France the grenoble region..

But if she wants to tutor, or work (she is a teacher) that might be a problem...

Anyway she is not looking like a terrorist, so we might do that... The other thing she could do is beeing a student, in grenoble, she might have to take classes for her degree. That could be a way of beeing legal there.

Name Beth
Message getting a student visa will probably be the best way for her. I believe with a student visa she is allowed to work at least 20 hours a week. Without a visa, she will not be allowed to work at all.

Name Andrea
Message I have been doing a lot of research in this. She is supposed to have a visa, if she stays longer than three mths. One way to get around it, is by getting civilly married within three mths of her being there. Then she could work or go to school without a visa.

Name jeanne
Message What Andrea has stated is not necessarily true. My boyfriend and I got married in his village. I am allowed to live here with him until all my papers are processed, then I must return to the US to get my permanent/long stay visa. However, I am not allowed to work until everything is in order. And it could take up to 8 months or more.

I visited the French consulate before I moved to France. One representative told me I needed a visa before I left, the other told me I didn't need a visa and I could get it in France.

The Perfecture told me I had to have the visa issued in the US.

Bottom line, you should check the Embassy/consulate or the perfecture where you live.

Name Tami
Message Hi! I guess I'm sort of in the same situation as you. I've been living in France (with my fiance) for almost three year, and just two weeks ago got married to a French guy. We tried to get a visa for me, before I came, but just ended up being too frustrated with the answers we got...everyone at the embassy said it would be impossible to get a long stay visa, so I just came here with my passport. I have not had any problems, but now, since we're married, I've started my paperwork for my carte de sejour, and I'm beginning to be stressed, because somebody mentioned that I will need to show them my visa. Does anyone have any advice with this? Will I have to return to the states to process a visa, even though we are legally married here? Thanks for any help, and good luck!

Name jonna
Message Hi Tami:

I am in the same boat that you are. The only difference is, we got married in the states. Here is what we have to do:

My husband went to the Perfecture and was told he could bring me over on 'family reunification'. They requested 4 copies each of the following:

his French resident card our marriage certificate the death certificate of his first wife both our birth certificates the deed to his house copy of his tax records or his yearly income

and there were some other papers they requested. There was a total of 4 sets of 40 papers that he had to submit. He was told it could take up to 8 months for me to get the visa. In the meantime, immigration there will question his neighbors, make sure his house is fit to live in, etc. etc. etc. Once this is all done, the ok will be given to the consulate where I am living to issue me the long term visa.

I have lived in France with my boyfriend before we were married with no problems. I returned to the states to work because we were having some financial problems. Luckily, I work in a field where I can work when I want and make money. My job will be over the end of April. I was told I could live with my husband in France until all the paperwork is done, but I would have to return to the states to get the actual visa. Right now I haven't decided what to do. I really don't want to be flying back and forth. And there is the possiblity that once I am back in the states, it could take 3 months to get the visa.

It seems that there are too many hands in the cookie jar, and so many different answers for the same question.

Name Dede
Message I am moving to Paris to be with my French boyfriend in May. We do have a PACS. He visited the Consulate in San Francisco several times before leaving (ahead of me to set up house, etc.) and they assured him that I could get a long term visa. I have applied and I am waiting to hear back and have been told it would take three months. Now, I am a little nervous.

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