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Subject: Moving to France
Date: Wednesday, August 13, 2003
Name: Lilie
Message: Hi, My husband and I are moving to France by the end of the year and we have a few questions. I'm french and he is american and we have a 6 months old son together. We have a "livret de famille" (family book), does my husband need a long stay visa? What does my husband need in order to find work? Also is an american passport enough for my baby? TIA

Replies Posted 3.

Name Amanda
Message Hello ! We recently moved to France. My husband is French, and I am American, and we have a 6month old baby girl ! So, our situation is almost identical ! As your husband is American, he doesn't need any special kind of Visa to come and stay in France. But, you must go to the Préfecture to apply for his Carte de séjour within three months after you arrive in France. After you make the initial command, he has the right to stay in France, as you are married. I believe once the paperwork is done for the Carte de séjour, your husband will have the right to work. As for your son, an American passport is enough to come here. As he is French as well as American, he has the right to stay. But, I would recommend getting a Certificat de Nationalité française for your son from the Tribunal d'Instance. With that, your husband will be able to get a Carte de séjour valid for ten years ! But, I will warn you, the Préfecture is not fun ! I am sure it is different for each city, but in the north of France, there is only one; in Lille. You must wait in a line outside the Préfecture very early in the morning. We arrived at 7am one morning (it opens at 8:30am), and before we made it to the front of the line, they were out of tickets (to return in the afternoon), so we had to come back the following Tuesday (there is only one day a week to make the initial command). The next time we attempted (at 6:30am), we got a ticket to come back in the afternoon. Once you come back in the afternoon, you have to wait in two or three more lines, but eventually you can demand the Carte de séjour. If you have all of the necessary papers then, they will allow you to complete it right then, but usually there is always something missing ! I am not sure about all of the necessary papers, but make sure you have copies and originals ! You can call the Préfecture to demand all of the necessary papers, but good luck getting through ! My husband called several times, and talked to several different people. In the end, we still didn't have all of the papers, so we are planning on returning soon !! So, good luck to your family and if you would like more information you can write to me at [email protected]

Name Dave
Message Hello. I'm a French citizen married to a Canadian. My experience is different. We live in the eastern part of France, near Luxembourg. For all the ones who have married a French citizen, it is very easy to get papers, especially the carte de séjour. Ur husband/wife has to go to the sous-préfecture (closer to ur home) in order to initiate the proceedings. SOME papers will have to be signed on in the prefecture, but usually it is quick. We didnt have any problem here. When ur husband/wife asks his/her carte de séjour (and when she/he gets it), he/she will be allowed to work in France without any restriction. I STRONGLY advise you all to ask the French citizenship 2 years after ur marriage and ur residence in France. It will allow you to work in an other country of the EU (it can be useful if u live near a border) without a work permit, and will give you a lot of advantages. Remember that EU countries are becoming VERY restrictive for non-EU citizens. I dont know if the US citizenship is exclusive or not. The canadian is not exclusive, which means my wife will keep her canadian citizenship after she gets the French one. U should contact the US embassy to know about that.

Name Frenchie
Message Sorry Lilie I cant help you...actually I need help too! And I just read Dave's reply and would like to get in touch with him or anybody who could help me?

I am french. My boyfriend is a US citizen and is in the military in Belgium. Next year we would like to settle together in France. Will it be easy for him to find a job in France? or even better, Luxembourg? Not necessarily in the army, he has skills in communication. Id love to get in touch with americans in France or Luxembourg...Do we have to marry or will the PACS be enough?



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