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Subject: Bringing French Wine Home
Date: Friday, January 12, 2007
Name: Patrick
Message: I am going to France in June and am planning on visiting a handful of wineries in the Rhone Valley. I would love to be able to purchase wine and get it to my home in California. Because of the new airplane regulations, what is the best way for me to get my beautiful wines home? Can I send it? Please help.

Replies Posted 3.

Name cyndyann
Message Shipping any alcohol to the US is going to cost you. The shipper has to declare exactly what you are shipping and the US customs will have a hefty tax for you to pay.

Legally, you can bring 2 bottles of wine or 1 bottle of alcohol (vodka, tequila, etc) per adult into the US without additional cost (depending on the State you are entering).

Of course, you can pack as much as you want in your suitcase and not claim it at the entrance, but if customs opens your suitcase and finds you have it hidden, you'll have to pay PLUS you may get yourself in legal trouble for doing that.

Seems you got some pretty good advice on HOW to pack the bottles.

Good Luck! Cindy

here's a link called "Infomation on Alcoholic Beverage Shipments"

Name samantha
Message We just came back from Christmas vacation in the US, and brought around 7 bottles on the way there and 7 bottles on the way back home. We put them all in a hard, plastic suitcase (ie. not one of the cloth-covered ones), and wrapped each one up in a plastic bag stuffed with socks, t-shirts, etc, and then wrapped sweaters or other bulky clothes around each bag, and we didn't have any problems.

But I agree that it is inconvenient to have to do it that way - I always just used to keep them in my carry-on so I knew they'd be safe. Plus, they take up a lot of weight/room in your luggage!!!

Name Emily
Message We just had a visitor who brought over a lot of bubble wrap, plastic bags, and ziploc bags and a lot of room in his suitcase. He brought home a regular sized bottle and a bunch of the demi-bottles. He just packed the bottles up extremely well (i.e. slipped them in his shoes after putting bubble wrap around them). Unfortunately, I know nothing about the policy of shipping bottles from France to the US. Good luck!

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