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Subject: Visa application
Date: Wednesday, November 29, 2006
Name: Dawn
Message: I will be applying for my long-stay visa soon and the consulate is too busy to answer any of my questions, so I thought I'd post this question here.

Does anyone know what the preferred, or generally requested/accepted number of bank statements are as proof of financial independence? I have heard 6 months from one source (this is the same as for mortgage applications), but since our bank puts three months to a page, the two pages I would be submitting seem rather skanty. At the same time, I don't want to be paying for any unnecessary translations, photocopies and possible notarizations either.

Also, I've seen postings on this forum about application processes from hell. Has anyone had any *good* experiences with their in-person interviews/applications?

Any sage wisdom or advice for the visa or carte de sejour applications?

Thanks for your feedback.

Replies Posted 1.

Name michelle
Message Hello, I don't think there are any staight answers to your questions. I would dig deep looking for sorces to back up your income. Do you have a 401k or an IRA? Socks/bonds? They really want to see that you can be self sufficent. Just a guess in the dark, but I think at least 800 Euros per month that you plan to stay in France.

My interview is next month, and I am a little nervous by nature. My husband got his VISA last year- took a day off work and flew half way across the country for an "interview" that lasted less than 2 minutes. The L.A. consulate is very strange- they are very put off whenever you have to call them, but seemed more helpful once your application is turned in.

We live in a remote area of country France. When we went to the Marie to apply for our titre de sejour, they were dumbfounded. It was as if we were the first people in France to ever ask for such a thing. I have read horror stories about the experience in Paris, however. It has been almost a year since we applied, and only have a receipt for the thing. We just get a convocation in our post box every once in a while asking us to bring in another document.

I don't suppose any of this information is too helpful. I just wanted to share our experience. I feel like there is so much information on the web that applies to Brits, but very little for Americans. Bon chance- I wouldn't worry too much. Just get it turned in, because these thing can end up taking lots of time!

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