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Subject: Recepisse de demande de carte de sejour
Date: Tuesday, September 26, 2006
Name: fk55
Message: Well, I hope someone knows the answer to this - I have gotten my Recepisse de demand de carte de sejour today, and the lady at the prefecture said it is best not to travel off french territory, depending on the country, as it can cause complications trying to come back into France. I travel quite often to the UK and was wondering if anyone knows if it is OK to travel to the UK or would there be 'complications'? Also i was planning a visit to Taiwan/China in the past few months...would this be a bad idea? very all this administration things..thank you!

Replies Posted 6.

Name roberto
Message Hello fk55: saw your post on the dilemma about movement between France and outside of France BEFORE you receive the Carte Sejour. Though you have the Recipisse, it is NOT the same as CarteSejour. However, one could TAKE A RISK this way --as an American citizen [on the strength of your U.S. Passport] you could come & go as you please, for a period NOT exceeding 90 days in any of the Schengen countries including France (without showing your Recipisse to the border police) when you enter the country; but then it assumes that the border police may NOT ask you MORE questions, and IF the truth comes out that you are in receipt of a Recipisse & waiting to receive the Carte Sejour, it COULD complicate the matter. At times, the French border police could show the full force of their French Officialdom be fore-warned. That brings the question, if your Original intention was to stay in France (for long term stay) why would you be in a hurry to go to other countries, even for a short visit. The receipt of the Carte Sejour will only be a couple of months away. Why then, take unnecessary risks ? The saying is: THINK BEFORE YOU JUMP (into any possible trouble)

Good luck

Name emily
Message Hey--

I am in the same situation, and this is what I know. TECHNICALLY, you are not allowed out of the country. If for some reason the customs person is mean and finds out that you do not yet have your carte de sejour, then they can technically bar you from re-entering the country. That said, no one would actually do it, and when you are traveling around EU countries they don't really have boarder checks any longer. However, according to french law, you are not allowed to leave until you have the carte de sejour. I am personally disregarding all of this, and going to Rome next week. Have fun in london!

Name fk55
Message thanks david, its good to know that i can still travel to UK, the prefecture didn't give me a straight answer!

Name David
Message I was in the same situation as I was holding the green receipt with the pic and traveled to the UK for work. (american nationality) I had no problems. (It took nearly six months for the actual carte sejour)

Name fk55
Message Thank you Lori for your response, I will give the prefecture a ring, as I'm a non-EU citizen (USA). Fan

Name Lori
Message Your recipisse is just the temporary carte until your permanent one arrives. If you are a UK citizen, visiting the UK should be no problem. If you are a NON-EU citizen, I would ask at the Prefecture again - or perhaps someone else on here will answer. My Recipisse comes each year about two months before the permanent one arrives. I never leave the EU, so I have never encountered the issue.

Just give them a call (Prefec.) they will give you a very quick answer.

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