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Subject: Learning French?
Date: Sunday, September 10, 2006
Name: Heather
Message: Hi, I have been living in France since December 2004 and am ashamed to say I still haven't learnt the languge. I exaggerate because I have learned to understand most of what I hear and read but that is about all. Because of this I am often staying indoors and alone, other than speaking to my French husband who speaks English.

I was wondering if anyone knew of a school in the Alsace of area of France where I could learn. I say school because this is the kind of environment I learn best in and feel my chances of success are highest, thanks.

Replies Posted 6.

Name Iris
Message Hey again! I'm glad to hear that you like Strasbourg. I have studied there myself for three years. But if you want to go somewhere closer to home, you might want to check this other link: This is in a place called Bollwiller. It is still closer than Strasbourg.

Other idea: ASTI - PAIN ET LIBERTE, 6 route d'Ingersheim, 68000 COLMAR Tél : Fax : E-mail : [email protected] This is a charitative organisation. Very different people studying there, I guess (recent immigrants), but it could still be nice!

Name Heather
Message I found the link through navigating the pages =).

I actually live in Colmar so it's not too far from Strasbourg and I like Stras alot so it's not a problem for me. I'll look more into that stuff, thanks everyone for your help =D.

Name Iris
Message Oups for the link, and thank you Samantha for pointing it out! I checked it again, and you have to clik one time on the left frame to find the page I wanted you to see, Heather. In case you didn't find it, I think this one works: (English version of the page) But I don't know where you live in Alsace. If you are anywhere near another big city, you should check up their university programs, too. Most of the time, I think you can find something interesting. So... Good luck to you once again!

Name samantha
Message Hi, that link didn't work, so I've included [url=""]this[/url] one instead.

I went through a similar program in Brittany, and it was a Godsend. I came here speaking no French, and I owe everything to that program. The professors were great, and I came out speaking fluent French two years later. I liked the fact that it was well-rounded: I had classes in speaking, reading, writing, listening comprehension, phonetics, grammar, plus you could choose from options like art, history, film, civilisation, literature, etc. I had about 15-20 hours total of class per week. Plus, it was a great way to meet people from all over the world.

As you can see, I definitely think it was worth the money! There's no way I would've learned as much as I did in such a little time going to local community classes once or twice a week. Plus, the civilisation classes really opened my eyes up to France, and helped me understand so much of why things are the way they are.

Name Heather
Message Thanks alot! =D I'm off to check out the link right now.

Name Iris
Message Hi Heather! I know one place in Strasbourg, called Institut International d'Etudes Françaises. It is a department of Marc Bloch University. They offer different kinds of French language programs designed for foreigners. The link to check it out is Hope it helps, et bon courage pour apprendre le français!

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