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Subject: shipping computers to France
Date: Tuesday, August 29, 2006
Name: user
Message: Has anyone heard anything about shipping computers from the US to France using Fedex? or shipping it with the rest of our household effects on the boat to France? We are thinking of doing one by boat and the other Fedex. Thank you in advance for any information you amy have :-)

Replies Posted 4.

Name user
Message hi everyone thanks so much for all of your ideas. we actually found two of those light wooden footlockers, had them encased in a spray foam and checked them on the plane. they arrived fine. we paid a little extra but less than shipping and much less than buying new. thanks for all the help. we are here in france and everything is working fine.

Name Albert
Message Hello!...I certainly do not want to brush anybody the wrong way - most people have reasons to do things...but my reaction is: In France - as in a lot of countries - there are shops selling computers a mile away - more or less. Wishing everybody a good day!

Name Julie
Message I shipped my computer & monitor from New York using FedEx. I was sure to mark in several places on the form that these were personal belongings that were being shipped as part of a move from New York to France. The items arrived extra quickly, and I was not charged customs (which was a huge relief). I would recommend using FedEx, but also ensure that you write as much information as possible, and emphasize that this is USED, PERSONAL, etc.

Name Heather
Message Well I'll give you more details into my shipping experience..

First I'll let you know UPS rejected my claim.. which angered me to no end (what do we pay insurance for?) however after sending them a nasty complaint letter they offered to oblige.

To be honest I don't know how Fed Ex ships.. but I will tell you a problem with using FedEx.. the problem is it doesn't exist here in France and if something does go wrong you won't know who to contact and your tracking number won't work very well (it'll stop once it leaves the US). I know it because there were times when (before I moved to france) my husband (at the time fiance) would send me plane tickets etc and things would get lost between the 2 companies.. Fed Ex and I think here it was "Chronopost". I once had to spend many days playing phone tag to find my plane tickets in time before my flight was due to leave!

So I suggest 2 things.. Don't use UPS and use DHL. I know I complained about DHL but when I look back at it I wish I would have used them again.. just be very careful about the packaging for your computer.. that your box can handle the weight, is held together using staples (basically the box it comes in should be fine). I don't understand why the man just left it on my doorstep in the US, but I think it was just this one delivery man. With DHL you at least know the company exists in France and you will have a way to track your shipment should something go wrong. (I hope for you it doesn't).

Some other things you will need.. because of all the terrorist stuff they are very picky about computers being shipped. Your package will probably be opened (mine was, and then resealed both by ups and dhl) to look inside and make sure it is a computer. Secondly for UPS I had to have a paper stating that the computer was my personal property, it was older than 6 months and I had no intention of selling it, along with a copy of my passport ID page. This is to prevent hold ups at customs. When shipping it DHL to the US I had to have a paper stating it was my personal computer along with a copy of the recipt. So no matter where you go ask what you will need, paper info etc. Don't let them tell you that you don't need anything... it's not true you do. The guy at the UPS store told me that and it lead to a hold up in customs for 6 days..

Good luck with your shipment no matter what you choose and I hope it arrives safely and undamaged.

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