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Subject: Pet Boarding in France
Date: Tuesday, July 04, 2006
Name: Penny LeGrande
Message: I am interested in experiences any of you have had in transporting pets to France or boarding your pets in France once they are there. I have two small dogs that I plan to take with me to France next spring and my intention is to stay about 6 months. I may then return to the U.S. for about three weeks and wonder if in-house dog sitters or boarding kennels are easily available in France. I am located in the south near Avignon. (I have transported dogs by air domestically but never internationally so I am a little concerned about the length of the flight.) Thanks for any info you might have.

Replies Posted 3.

Name Lori
Message Penny - here is the address and phone number

Cany Express Parc d'Activite de Courtine Chemin des Vanniers 84000 Avignon Fax: 04-90-27-90-16 (from inside France) Phone: 04-90-27-90-14 (" " ")

If you drive as if you were going directly to the Avignon TGV station (not the Centre Ville station), you will see a road that veers off to the right (there will be a Cany Express sign there). It is DIRECTLY in front of the TGV station entrance. You take that right and continue for about 4 or 5 kms. You will see a sign for their entrance on the right.

We have been most pleased with them.

Good luck.

Name Penny LeGrande
Message Lori....Thank you so much for the information about Cany Express. I'll be going to see the place tnis month while I'm in France. Penny

Name Lori
Message Penny - try Cany Express. I don't happen to have their website address in front of me, but they are in Avignon. We take our collie there for bording and for grooming. They are wonderful. We have used other bording locations (one in Pernes les Fontaines and one in Carpentras) and we have not been anywhere near content with them. The accommodations at Cany Express (located about two kms from the TGV station - not the TGV Centre Ville, but the TGV Courtine location) are exceptional. Always clean, they have many different sized units to house different sized animals. They also do dressage (obedience training) and they breed 3 different breeds. They take each animal out for play and run time each day in a huge farm closed area.

Do a search for Cany Express in Avignon. If you do not come up with their website, post here again and I will track it down for you. You can email them with any questions you may have. They normally reply within two days.

Overall, we have found that boarding kennels here are not on par with what we were used to in CA. Cany was a nice surprise.

Good luck to you.

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