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Subject: baby stores in and around paris?
Date: Friday, January 13, 2006
Name: amanda
Message: hello! I first started reading this website when we were planning to relocate to paris, btu since my husband has decided to go to law school we have had to change our plans. We will be going to paris and other areas (not sure where yet) next summer to try and conceive a baby as well as to purchase baby supplies and items such as a stroller, etc. that are hard to find in the US. Anyone know of good stores to check out? Can be little shops or chain stores. We also want small items including books and toys that use french language, as we will be raising the child bi-lingual. thanks so much for advice!!!

Replies Posted 5.

Name marina zenovich
Message I'm in Paris on business and brought my six month old. My Pump-n-Style pump machine I brought somehow broke. Any idea where to fix something like that? If someone knows if you can please email me at [email protected] I would really appreciate it!


Name CET
Message The best store I found for baby stuff is "Autour de Bébé", which unfortunately doesn't exist inside the city limits of Paris. It's definitely not your "Babies-r-Us," but it's got a pretty good selection of strollers, playpens, carseats, potty training equipment, cribs and bedroom sets, high chairs, etc. They've got a website, too.

For some other baby stuff (clothes, but also bedroom and bathroom equipment), there's "Vertbaudet," for internet or mail-order purchases. The prices aren't too bad as far as clothes are concerned, and they often have sales (check out You can also check out "Bébé 9."

For clothes, there's "Du Pareil au Même", "Natalys" (they also sell strollers and other equipment, but they are pretty expensive), "Jacadi"... DPAM isn't bad, but I've found that the others are pretty expensive... Everything is expensive in Paris, though (except health insurance and daycare, as another person said!). I believe these stores all have websites, too.

I hope this will help you in getting an idea of baby stuff in France/Paris...

Oh, and there's a "Toys'r'Us" in the shopping mall Vélizy 2, which is a bit southwest of Paris, but there are others... Again, I always suggest checking out the websites! ;-)

Good luck!

Name raynardm
Message thanks for your posts- I am from new york city, so i am very used to the costs of big city living- lol. There are many good baby strollers, etc here but many are not very stylish, and if they are then everyone has them and I just get sick of looking at them! seems the european strollers are more suitable for city life vs. the very large US strollers. And of course I want some cute little french toys :) I am sad not to be moving there, but getting to visit again before we start our fmaily will be great anyway. I have to work on my language--- we havent been to france for two years and Ive forgotten much of it. thanks again for advice--

Name Sourav Choudhury
Message Normally, all the hyper and bigger supermarkets are selling all sorts of baby stuffs ... that's the way I'm doing. Can't compare with the States, as I'm not an American myself, but generally speaking, as the other guy has told, France is a very costly country to live in, atleast compared to the US (this may not be true if you are coming from England) ...

Name S
Message Stroller hard to find in the U.S.? Our french relatives drooled over our fold up S.U.V. stroller that we strolled along the Brittany coast with. My expereince is this. We concieved in France, birthed in the U.S. and then moved back to France for 6 months. With the exception of novelty items like baby wear in traditional costume of fabrics I found nothing in France (I am talking baby gear and clothes) that I couldn't find in the U.S. There is a better selection on baby seats and strollers, clothes (and all the periphery) in the U.S. and it is cheaper, alot cheaper than in France I was suprised at the prices in Le Clerc, and Carre Four even! I was very into having unique baby items so that my son would "look" like the french baby that he was, but I never really found anything that unique that can't be found in the funky kids boutiques in most U.S. cities.

I did find some interesting stuff for kids about 4 years and older.

Books on the other hand are another story. We too are raising our son bi-lingual and so stocked up on books. We are taking the OPOL route so we found picture books great. I "read" them in Englis, Papa en francais. I love French picture books. I mean how many american books for babies have smoked salmon, pate and emphisize the differnce between sauccise and sauccisons? Also good to get are flash cards with letters and pictures on them for teh ABCs. After all A is not for apple in French. I don't know if you plan on letting your child watch television, we don't, but videos are very valuable. All of these can be found at any book store or FNAc.

Ahh my french niece has just come home she just had her first child and agrees with everything here. She urges though that if you plan on living in France to consider buying a French stroller because they are smaller and so are the streets, allys and shop aisles in France. Also she thinks that car seats here are much safer because of our laws. I don't know. Also she says there is toys r us in France. i have never seen one.

This is just our experience. We were so set on bringing back cute little clothes with French sayings on them. Well guess what is cute in France? Cute little clothes with English sayings on them! Again look for cute little "costumes" of a particular region. Oh and if you go for a visit pack a suitcase of diapers. Cavier is cheaper.

On the up side of all this is that medical care and day care is virtually free if you live in France.

Best of luck and congratulations.

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