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Subject: Shipping packages to France from outside of the EU
Date: Monday, November 28, 2005
Name: Andrew
Message: Hello,

I've recently received tax and duties charges of close to 50% of the value of 2 presents received from my father, who sent a package from the US via FedEx.

Should I always expect to have to pay such fees? Is there a way to get around this problem?

Many thanks.

Andrew Zdrahal [email protected]

Replies Posted 3.

Name Latedelivery
Message You gotta be kidding?! What did he write on the package? If he is returning personal property, there should never be any taxes. Read below for my shipping woes.......

I have had a devil of a time dealing with french delivery companies. The internal regular post here is exellent. But international service SUCKS!!!! Deliveries out of county take forever to leave. But recieving anything from DHL or Chronopost is by pure chance if you do not watch the website for when your package arrives in France and then commence to direct them to your door. Address is irrelevant, they need to know that you are serious about getting your express urgent delivery in a timely manner (even then add a week to the expected arrival time).

Secret to getting your package without paying a fortune to their assinine toll customer service numbers.

Fed Ex- recommended for anything you Need now! fastest least problems.

DHL- once it reaches france and one day passes, check website, they will have claimed to made delivery attempt, call the USA 1 800# (with skype it's free) and have them interface for you. THis will start a log file, this will get you a non toll number to call and it might even get you someone calling directly to help coordinate the delivery.

Chronopost (any USPS )- ABSOLUTELY NO HELP AVAILABLE!!!!! I spent over 25 euro in calls and it still took a week for my package to arrive after they got it. The driver had a post-it type memo that included the elusive NON TOLL # for Chronopost Bobigny SAV depot- 01 41 60 26 60. Their toll office will either refuse to help or promise your delivery and never interface with the driver directly; he may or may not recieve a note at the end of day when he returns to the depot with his undelivered packages.

Name Steve
Message I agree with Cris. The best way to avoid a nasty surprise when your package arrives is to ship is by post, not FedEx, DHL or other courier.


Name cris
Message I have found that the only way to avoid paying customs and any other taxes is to have things shipped by the united states postal service. It takes longer but I'd rather not pay the taxes.

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