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Selected French Road Signs.

This sign announces an entrance to the Autoroute, the French highway system. The system is not free you pay a toll, based on how far you drive.

If you are on a bike you need to be on the path this sign is marking. Any sign that is round with a blue background is compulsory for what ever is in the circle.

Triangles with red edges are danger sings and this one is telling you that in 50 meters(in town) and 150 metters(out of town) that coming up is a dangerous curve right.

No this was not the inspiration for Jimmie Rodgers' "T for Texas/T for Tennessee", it is the French dead end sign.

This combination of signs is telling you a lot of things. The red N9 part is telling you that you are on a route national, the two green signs are telling you the direction to two large towns/cities, the little blue part of the sign to Rion is telling you that youíll get on the autoroute to get to it. The bottom white sign is telling you that Gannat is small local town/village. And of course the distances are in kilometers and you donít know if you are going east, west, north or south.

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Selected French Road Signs.

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