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Daily LifeVizEat

VizEat is the on-line, global community for people to share a great, authentic meal in a local’s home. VizEat is the perfect way to connect those looking to share a convivial experience, whether it be a tourist in a foreign country or a local wanting to get off the beaten path and try something new.

The dining table as the original social network

From Paris to Hong Kong, Rome to Bangkok, VizEat gives the opportunity for hosts and guests to discover a new meal, a new culture, or new friends!

With home and car sharing being increasingly popular, meal sharing is the natural extension of this market and a growth opportunity in the sharing culture. Additionally, our research has indicated that meal sharing is more manageable by the hosts than apartment sharing or couch surfing, and is thus more likely to be interesting and attractive to more members.

Given these market dynamics, VizEat has become the reference in the mealsharing sector, primarily in France where the food culture is particularly strong.

Breakfast or dinner, brunch or aperitif - all you need is your dining table and a little imagination!

Easy setup and secure access

  • Create a profile and a meal in a few simple clicks The price, date(s) and meal are set by the host.
  • The host gets 100% of the price he sets for his experience.
  • Reservation management is simple!
  • When a VizEater (a guest) is interested in a meal, the host receives a booking request that he is free to accept or decline.
  • To facilitate a great experience for all parties, the VizEat team takes care of all the formalities (reservations, payment, insurance...)
  • Preparing your experience with the 'VizEaters'
  • Once the reservation is confirmed, the host and guest are free to communicate via private message.
  • Dietary restrictions (vegetarian, kosher, etc.) can be respected by some hosts.
  • Insurance (from Lloyd’s) of up to 100,000 Euros in case of damages or illness is included.

A diverse and motivated community

VizEat’s members come from all walks of life, and they are all especially passionate about cooking, travelling, meeting new people, and sharing their language and culture - whether it be a host or a guest!

The VizEat experiences are arranged between the host and guests, personalized to the preferences of the host and the needs of the guest. This is communicated through detailed profiles, which give an idea of the meal and of the host, and candid interaction between the VizEaters!

Welcoming and passionate hosts

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