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PodcastSylvia Sabes

In this Podcast Jeff Steiner talks with Sylvia Sabes. Sylvia lives in Paris and works as a copywriter. She also has a blog about life in Paris - finding NOON.

"Don't be intimidated to go into those designer shops!"

To start Sylvia talks about where where she lives in Paris, how long she has been living in Paris and
what she likes to do on weekends and the local art scene. She comments that art shows have become more and more popular in Paris.
The interview then moves on the what it's like being mother in France - cultural differences really come though and the idiosyncrasies of French schooling - almost impossible to get a prefect grade. After that Sylvia talks about her blog - finding NOON and what it covers, art, fashion and her daily life.
Next, Sylvia mentions that she knew life in Paris could be very difficult before she moved, but chose Paris because it best suited her. Then Sylvia gives some shopping tips for Paris: go into designer shops even if you know you won't buy and ask questions.
Then the subject moves on to finding work in France - it's wasn't easy for Sylvia as she doesn't have a 'traditional' French background. She also discusses things to do in Paris: have a picnic with supplies from a local market, picnic in the Jardin Catherine Labouré, visit the Musée Rodin and Petit Palais and where to get a good view of Paris - Louis Vuitton Art Gallery, Montparnasse Tower and Ballon de Paris and just get lost and explore.
The Podcast ends with Sylvia's suggestion for those thinking of moving to France: fallow your dream, get your paperwork taken care of in a timely manner and don't except it to be like in the US.

Places mentioned in the Podcast:
Rue Sainte-Anne: Art galleries and Japanese restaurants.
User Mbzt Louvre: New Islamic wing.
Avenue Montaigne & Rue Saint Honoré: Shopping.
Louis Vuitton: Art gallery - Espace Culturel in the shop on the Champs Elysées.
Rue de Babylone: Picnic at the Jardin Catherine Labouré - 29 Rue de Babylone.
Musée Rodin: For those not necessarily into art, you can just visit the garden.
Petit Palais: Free admission to the permanent collections.
Montparnasse Tower: Le ciel de Paris restaurant and view of Paris.
Ballon de Paris: View of Paris at Parc André Citroën in the 15th arrondissement.

mp3 file: Podcast-Sylvia-Sabes.mp3

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