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PodcastAdrian Leeds

In this Podcast Jeff Steiner talks with Adrian Leeds who lives in Le Marais neighborhood of Paris.
Adrian first came to Paris in 1979 and has lived in the city of lights for over 18 years. Her business activities including property consulting, Paris apartment rentals, Parler Parlor – English/French conversation group and she publishes a regular newsletter.
Adrian has recently expanded her business to Nice and now offers Nice apartments for rent. All of Adrian's activities can be found on

“Understand what your expectations should be.”

The Podcast starts with where Adrian lives in Paris, how long she's been there and why she decided to call Paris home. She comments that her perceptions of Paris have changed over time and she now sees the city differently, but Paris still excites here. She describes Paris as “an old shoe you never want to live without.”

Adrian moves on to where she is from - New Orleans, its similarities to France and what she does in France – her primary business is property consulting. Then, the conversation moves to what it's like buying property in France, some of the differences (like no MLS) between the US and France real estate and what it's like running a business in France - “never a dull moment!” and you have to be 'malin' – cunning. Adrian says that the French see their laws and regulations as suggestions and have a different sense of honesty.

Next, Adrian talks about learning French, she just now started taking lessons as she found her French grammar 'a mess', her expansion into Nice, how she's still an American a heart and doesn’t want to be French. She ends by talking about some of what she likes about France – esthetic values, beauty, morals and suggestions for those thinking of moving to France – take a three month 'dip' – test living in France before making a permanent move, do research and due diligence, listen to the experiences of others and meet with professionals to set yourself up for the move.

mp3 file: Podcast-Adrian-Leeds.mp3

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