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Daily LifeMaking a Phone Call

France does not have area codes. You dial a ten-digit number directly. A typical French phone number is listed like this, 01 23 45 67 89. A few years ago, when France went to ten-digit numbers, the country was cut into five regions. In each region, all the phone numbers had two numbers added. For example, in the Ile-de-France, all phone numbers had 01 added on as the first two digits. If a number starts with 06, it is a cell phone.

To make international calls from France, you dial 00, then the country code, and then the number. To call the United States, you dial 00, then 1, US area code, followed by the number.

Just about all phone booths in France now use a phone card, called a Télécarte in French, and not change. Phone cards can be bought in the United States that are international and will work in France. Check the backside of the card to see if it will work outside the United States before you buy it. Otherwise, French phone cards are easily bought at any local Tabac, a store that sells newspapers, magazines, maps and so on. When you buy a French phone card, it will have 50 or 120 units. When you insert the card into the phone console, it will display the number of units left on the card. As you use the phone, you will see your units counting down.

All public telephones booths have a "How-To" that will explain how to make a phone call. If you don't want to buy a phone card and would still like to make a phone call, you can still find public phones that use change. Try restaurants, bars, cafes or similar places and you should find a phone that uses change.

To call ATT from France to make a direct call or use a calling card dial - 08 00 99 00 11





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