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Don't miss your chance to WIN £1,000

The current Expat Survey research programme closes on 31st January

It's not too late to get involved in the largest international research study of those living outside their country of origin. Wherever you have relocated to in the world and whatever you are doing now, if you haven't already joined in, The Expat Survey still really wants to hear from you before the 2013 programme finally closes at the end of this month.

There are three surveys in the programme - 'Migration & Lifestyle', 'Retail & Finance' and 'Travel & Health'. All live links can be found on the homepage at and when you complete all three parts you will automatically be entered into its free prize draw to win £1,000, which you can opt to donate to charity if you wish.

Your opinion really matters to the research team. Each questionnaire has been designed to not only gauge your views on popular lifestyle and consumer topics, but also invites you to tell them about your experiences on life abroad.

Led by the ex-head of research from BBC World, the specialist research team is independent and has received responses from more than 100 countries so far.

"We have been thrilled with the response from expatriates from all walks of life around the globe who have shared their stories with us. It has been a truly engaging experience for the team and has provided us with unique insight enabling us to establish a very in-depth understanding of those residing in a foreign country" said Emma Wood, Project Director.

"In a world of rapid globalisation where physical and virtual boundaries no longer exist due to growing freedom of movement and technology, it is essential to interpret and comprehend these dynamics. What motivates relocation in different parts of the world? What challenges do expatriates face? What do they expect from those that service them? How do they communicate and what do they respond to? Our aim has been to really zoom in and examine all of these elements".

Emerging highlights show a broad spectrum of online shopping behaviour. 69% of expats have purchased multiple travel tickets via the internet in the last 6 months, versus just 12% on groceries and essentials; as they opt to shop locally to engage in their adopted communities and eat native produce when not on the move.

Analysis of spending habits has revealed some fast growing online trends when it comes to expatriates making purchases from .com stores outside their country of residence. 55% bought books, CDs and DVDs online in the second half of last year. 78% spent up to £100 on shoes, with 66% treating themselves to clothes up to £100 every month.

Almost 70% of respondents have made it clear that delivery charges are an important consideration when shopping online, with 42% making arrangements with friends and family to take goods out to them on their next visit.

Amazingly and despite the growing volume and nature of currency exchange specialists 72% still transfer their money via their bank.

"On behalf of the team I would like to convey our gratitude to the many thousands that have joined in so far. What the programme has really demonstrated to us is that it isn't just about percentages and statistics, but about getting to the heart of what, when and particularly why", said Emma Wood.

The Expat Survey does not share any personal information with third parties and has no links with Governments. To participate in the programme please visit as soon as possible.

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