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Daily LifeAn American Album

An American Album

A short movie to be shot in Paris in February 2014, we are looking for Americans living in Paris.

Project description : A french student, living in the US for a semester abroad, is invited to spend Thanksgiving in an american family. An American Album deals with the relationships and mutual interferences between the mem- bers of one family on this particular day. Based on a true story the director experienced while studying in the USA, AAA will be a movie on how fascinating the american culture can be for a european. It will feature some documen- tary and some fictional sequences. An entire first floor of a californian bungalow will be re-created on a soundstage in Paris (5ème). An American Album will be shot in February for a period of 2 or 3 weeks (not full weeks). If you want to see some of the director's previous films, please visit:

To play an american 'nuclear' family, we are looking for Americans living in Paris:

  • Jill, a traditional -a bit conservative- mother, needs to look between 37 and 45.
  • Shaun, an apathetic father -with a deadpan sense of humor-, needs to look between 37 and 45.
  • Megan, a smart freshman, visiting her parents for Thanksgiving, needs to look between 19 and 22.
  • Drew, a kid/teen, needs to look between 9 and 13.
  • Ben, a not very talkative - a bit mysterious- son, needs to look between 17 and 21.

We are not necessarily looking for professional actors.

So, relax, no acting experience necessary, you just need to be confortable in front of a camera. (We need believable Americans, but if you are Canadian, and you feel that your accent is ok, do not hesitate, we are interested in you as well!) Alright, February may seem a long time away. Not really in fact! In movieland, months are as short as weeks. Hurry up! An America Album is a diploma project (the director is majoring in video at l'Ecole Na- tionale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs de Paris). That is why, except some expenses reimbursements (like transportation for example), An American Album is not a paid project -we regret that, if we could, we surely would!-. But however, we guarantee you that it will be a terrific project to work on and a great human experience! You may imagine it is not that easy to find Americans here in Paris, we need your help! So if you know someone who could be interested, or if you think you're one of these characters, do not delay, grab your phone, open your laptops and show up!

For more information contact the film maker -

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