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CultureMost Popular Street Names

According to the French post office - La Poste these are the most popular street names in France.

Ten of the fifteen names are related to structures, even if you don't always find a mill on Rue du Moulin or a fountain on Rue de la Fontaine, two are generic - Grande Rue (big street) and Rue Principale (main street), two are named after famous people - Victor Hugo and Louis Pasteur, Pasteur seems to have lost his first name :). Lastly one is related to nature - Rue des Jardins. Again you don't always find a garden on Rue des Jardins.

#1 Rue de l'Église
It's found 7,965 times, a little over 20% of France's 36,681 communes have a Rue de l'Église.

#2 Place de l'Église
Number two is close to number one, in name if not number. Found 5,755 times, just over 15% of France's communes have a Place de l'Église.

#3 Grande Rue
Number three is our frist non structure name. Used some 3,943 times.

#4 Rue du Moulin
With number four, it's back to structures, Rue du Moulin found 3,566 times.

#5 Place de la Mairie
3,430 times. Not to be confused with Place de l'Hôtel-de-Ville. Mairie and Hôtel-de-Ville mean more or less the same thing, seat of local goverment.

#6 Rue du Château
Used 2,963 times.

#7 Rue des Écoles
We can find 2,779 Rue des Écoles in France.

#8 Rue de la Gare
There are 2,771 Rue de la Gare in France.

#9 Rue de la Mairie
Can be found 2,672 times in France. Simular to #5, not to be confused with Rue de l'Hôtel-de-Ville.

#10 Rue Principale
We end the top 10 with Rue Principale, found 2,452 times.

#11 Rue du Stade
Found 2,421 times.

#12 Rue de la Fontaine
2,346 streets are named Rue de la Fontaine in France.

#13 Rue Pasteur
We have the first person on the list - Louis Pasteur. 2,020 streets are named for him, but without his first name.

#14 Rue des Jardins
1,755 streets are named Rue des Jardins.

#14 Rue Victor Hugo
The list ends with Rue Victor Hugo, found 1,621 times. Unlike Louis Pasteur, Victor Hugo gets to keep his first name.

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