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CultureFrench Food Traditions

Beignets - French Doughnuts eaten during Mardi Gras. There is no hole in Beignets, although you can sometimes find them with filling. Beignets are deep-fried and served covered in powered sugar, not for those on a diet!

Buche de Nöel - Traditional Christmas cake in the shape of a log.

Chapon - Traditionally eaten at either Christmas or Easter, a Chapon is an eight-month-old rooster that is not gutted when killed. It is tightly wrapped in a cloth with the head attached, which keeps in more of the juices during cooking, resulting in more flavors.

Crêpes - Traditionally eaten on February 2nd, Fête de la Chandeleur, to represent light. Crêpes look somewhat like the sun; they are a yellowish color and round. In the Christian tradition, the Fête de la Chandeleur represents the light Jesus spread on Israel.
Crêpes are similar to pancakes, yet thinner. Crêpes can either be eaten as a main course or for dessert. Crêpes are specialty of Brittany and also very popular in Paris as street food.

Galettes des Rois - are eaten twelve days after Christmas, on the day of the Epiphanie. Inside each Galette is a fève, or small figurine. The person receiving the fève is the king or queen for the day. The reason for the crowning relates to the Christian tradition of Jesus being a baby king. Traditionally, the youngest person goes under the table and distributes the Galette by calling out the name of the person to receive that piece of the Galette as it is cut. See a Galettes des Rois being made an a recipe.

Papillotes - Chocolates with words of wisdom.

Pot au Feu - Simple, easy to cook Pot au Feu recipe. A traditional French dish made with beef, vegetables and herbs.

Wild Mushrooms: Picking wild mushrooms is a French tradition.

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