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Southern BurgundyTournus France

Sitting in the hearth of Southern Burgundy is the town of Tournus. Its location, it sits on the right bank of the Saône River and it easy access off the A6 Autoroute make Tournus an ideal stop during your travels in France. Tournus has a number of attractions including the Hôtel Dieu – Tournus once public hospital founded in 17th century, Musée Greuze – named after native son Jean-Baptiste Greuze and the Saint-Philibert Abbey – the crown jewel of the over 40 Romanesque churches in the region. The Saint-Philibert Abbey is by far the most visited tourist attraction in Tournus and rightly so - see Saint-Philibert Abbey.

Not only can you discover the attractions above but you can also discover Burgundy at it best, as Tournus is close to wine country and has a Saturday weekly market where local products are sold, including cheeses and wines.

Tournus also has a raw milk vending machine.

Not far from Tournus are a number of Châteaux, the WWII crash site of an American Army B-26, a Pagan Stone and of course rolling farmland. For the more information see - Attractions in Southern Burgundy.

Along with the Saint-Philibert Abbey Tournus has two other churches worth noting, La Madeleine a 12th century church built on a Roman cestrum and the first parish church in Tournus. Along with Saint Valérien a Romanesque church built by the Abbey of Tournus in the early 11th century.

Tournus known history goes back to Roman times when it was a fortified village. Its location on the Saône River must have made Tournus a center of trade and commerce. In the 2nd century the Christians of Tournus built a tomb for Saint-Valerian who tried to evangelize the town but was killed. It is believed that on the tomb of Saint-Valerian the Saint-Philibert Abbey is built. In 1805 state funds were given to Tournus as a thanks for warm welcome Napoleon received that year during his trip to Italy. The funds were used to build the present day waterfront. During the phylloxera invasion of the early 20th century all locale grape vines were destroyed and there was no wine production for many years.

Tournus France is located in Burgundy between Chalon sur Saône and Mâcon. It’s easily reached from Paris, as there is an exit off the A6 Autoroute. There are also a number of trains arriving daily from Paris, Lyon, Dijon and a number of other cities and towns.

Tournus by Night - December 2014

Tournus Photo Album

Tournus Then & Now: Set of seven then and now photos of Tournus France.

Attractions in Tournus:
Saint-Philibert Abbey

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