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AttractionsSaint Rémy de Provence

The name gives it all away - Saint Rémy de Provence is, you guessed it in Provence. This Provincial town in the South of France is typical of the area. The sun always seems to be shining, the streets are narrow and most buildings are painted a vivid color meaning that even the narrowest of streets seem bright even in the shade.

Thanks to the fact Saint Rémy de Provence isn’t big; it’s a great town for a leisurely walk. Across from the town’s Place République and WWII memorial is La Brasserie du Commerce a restaurant and bar that also serves a nice ice cream, nothing better on a hot summer’s day!

In Place République you can, depending on the time of day, find vans selling pizzas. Pizza vans have become very popular recently and some even have wood ovens. Across from La Brasserie du Commerce is Collégiale Saint-Martin, still on Boulevard Marceau. Collégiale Saint-Martin was partly rebuilt in the 19th century. But the church’s bell town dates from the 14th century and inside you can a retable (framed altarpiece) from 1503.

Saint Rémy de Provence’s Mairie (town hall) is located on rue Lafayette. Rue Lafayette cuts through the center of the old center and has some shops including some that sell soap. Also of note in the center is Fontaine Nostradamus on rue Carnot inaugurated on August 25 1814.

In the center of Saint Rémy de Provence you’ll also find the birthplace of the town’s most famous native son, Nostradamus. Nostradamus' birthplace can be found on rue Hoche. Just follow the signs for Maison Natale de Nostradamus.

About a mile south of Saint Rémy de Provence you can visit Glanum. Glanum was a fortified town founded in the 6th century B.C by a Celto-Ligurian people known as the Salyens. Now an archeological site. Check out the web site for hours and prices -

Glanum, in addition consists of Les Antiques, when coming from Saint Rémy de Provence Les Antiques is before the main Glanum site. Les Antiques can be visited for free and include a mausoleum and triumphal arch. The triumphal arch is the oldest in France.

Saint Rémy de Provence is located between Avignon and Arles not far from the A7 Autoroute (exit 25) that runs to Marseille.

Reader's Tip:
It is noteworthy to avoid the Chateau Roussan in late May when the frogs are mating. It's loud enough to raise the dead.

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