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Haute-Savoie (French Alps)La Roche sur Foron

Located at the edge of the French Alps and a short drive from Geneva is the town of La Roche sur Foron (literal translation – the rock on the Foron. The Foron is the river that runs through the town). La Roche sur Foron was at one time very important economically and politically, now ‘La Roche’ as locals call it, is part of the ring of French towns that make up the suburbs of Geneva.

La Roche sur Foron has, and forgive the pun, a rocky history. It has at times been apart of the Genevois, a part of Savoy – Savoie in French, during which time it was sacked by an army from Geneva. Also during the time La Roche was apart of Savoy, it was for a short while the Savoy capital. During the French revolution, La Roche became a French possession, only to revert pack to Savoy when the Savoy monarchy was restored. Then in 1860 after a referendum La Roche, along with some of Savoy became apart of France.

La Roche sur Foronis is also home to a European first, in 1885 it was the first town in Europe to have electric street lights. A plaque just in front the town’s castle marks this event.

Today La Roche is a modern French town that has still managed to keep its heritage. La Roche of today is built around a thousand year old city center with a rich a varied history. A walk down any of the centers streets will offer the visitor, if you know where to look good examples of this. For example on rue Perrine there is a sun dial on the façade of one building. This sun dial was added after the wooden balconies where removed from the street. This opened up the street and provided the sun needed to ‘fuel’ a sundial. Just across from the town’s church is a 200 year old bakery. Still serving bread of course!

La Roche is also hip with the times, as it is home to a yearly Bluegrass Festival.

Summer tubing near La Roche sur Foron.

Le Foron: This is the Foron stream during a snowy day.

Windstorm then Snow: Storm ‘Joachim’ hitting the town.

Chalet de Balme: Nice hike above the town.

Grimpée du Pays Rochois: Yearly 10k race that climbs 900 meters.

Ice Skating Rink: Time lapse photography of yearly ice skating rink in La Roche sur Foron.

La Bénite Fontaine: A Holy Spring near La Roche sur Foron.

Bob-luge d'été - Summer Luge in Orange 2010

La Roche 2010 Flea Market Video

March of the Cows Video

Video of the Counts of Geneva Tower in La Roche sur Foron

Video of market day in La Roche sur Foron

Interview by Jeff Steiner with Rachel Baty owner of the bakery Aux vieux fournil rochois located in La Roche sur Foron.

Bob-luge d'été - summer luge in Orange

Saint Denis Fair: Yearly festival that takes place in La Roche sur Foron.

La-Roche-sur-Foron Photo Album

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