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Southern BurgundyChâteau de Sercy

Château de Sercy from a old postcard.

Never drive to fast in Burgundy as you might miss a beautiful sight. A perfect example of this is the Château de Sercy, located in the village of Sercy. The Château de Sercy is set back from the road by a pond that offers a splendid view of both manmade – the Château and natural beauty.

Construction on the Château de Sercy started in the 12th-century and continued for the next few hundred years. By the 1470 the Château had become a fort with ramparts. The Sercy family owned the Château de Sercy (hence the name) from its building until the 16th century when Philibert Sercy died accidentally during a wedding in Lyon. After his dead the Château fell into disrepair and was uninhabited for over two hundred years. During this time the Château fell into ruin.

The Château was put up for sale in 1770 and sold in 1771 to a French army officer and by 1785 it was sold again to a ancestor of the present owner.

The Château de Sercy did not fare well during the French Revolution, it was sacked, its furniture taken, its sculptures and fireplaces were broken and archives burned.

From 1811 to 1815 a major reconstruction took place and the Château de Sercy was inhabited once again. Then in 1929 a major fire broke out and only the best parts of the Château were saved.

Of note the Château de Sercy has one of the oldest hoardings in France. Built during the 15th century.

The Château de Sercy is located in the Southern Burgundy village of Sercy just a few miles from Saint-Gengoux-le-National and 10 miles from Tournus and the A6 Autoroute. Just off the D981 road that runs through the village.

The Château de Sercy is only open during selected periods. It is best to check with a local tourist office for hours. I visited during European National Heritage weekend that takes place every September. Even if the castle is not open it is still worth a look. The castle is easy to find as it is just off the main road in the village. Where there is a viewing point.

Château de Sercy Château de Sercy Château de Sercy Château de Sercy
Château de Sercy Château de Sercy Château de Sercy Château de Sercy
Château de Sercy Château de Sercy Château de Sercy
Château de Sercy Château de Sercy

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