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AttractionsBurgundy France

Southern Burgundy Explorer [Kindle Edition]: Insiders' guide to châteaux, churches, wine & more. Get ready for your next visit to Burgundy!

You could spend years in Burgundy and not see everything there is to see. I know I've tried! Over the last seven years I've been either living in or visiting Burgundy and I still haven't seem all the attractions there are to see.

Burgundy is home to great wine, countryside, churches... It's full of picturesque villages and postcard views. Really no matter where you go, be it along the Burgundy canal or the Burgundy wine road you will not be disappointed. Each little part of Burgundy has it own uniqueness be it what your eyes will show you - village's Romanesque church, medieval castle or nearby rolling hills. Or what your taster buds will wine, cheeses, bread…

Because Burgundy is one of France's largest regions I've divided it into two smaller more manageable sections - Northern Burgundy and Southern Burgundy.

Northern Burgundy consists of some of France most famous religious monuments Vézelay and the Fontenay Abbey along with the village of Flavigny-sur-Ozerain where the movie Chocolat was filmed.

In the Southern Burgundy section I've include more off the beaten path destinations, including a village where an American army B-26 crashed during WWII, Romanesque churches, a chapel built in a day, to just name a few.

All sights listed in this section I have been to personally. Enjoy your time in Burgundy!

A Year in Burgundy: This 2012 documentary follows one year in the life of seven winemaking families.

Wineries of Burgundy

Old postcards from Burgundy.

Morning mist in Burgundy

Foliage in Burgundy

Burgundy 101: Introduction to travel in Burgundy France.

Burgundy Views - Samples of views that can be found in Burgundy countryside.

Hotels in Burgundy

Tours of Burgundy

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