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AttractionsBrou Monastery

Located just next to Bourg-en-Bresse in the town of Brou is the Brou Monastery. Its location, it is on the way to the Alps, make it a nice place to stretch your legs and discover a 16th monastery built to commemorate the life Philibert le Beau.

The Brou Monastery was the inspiration of Margaret of Austria who built it to as tribute to her husband, Philibert le Beau who died just three years after marrying Margaret. The monastery was designed to house the tombs of Philibert, Margaret and Philibert’s mother, Margaret of Bourbon.

It was actually Margaret of Bourbon who had the idea of building a monastery at Brou. But she died before construction could be started.

Construction of the Brou Monastery, as we know it today started in the early 16th century and took about 25 years. Sadly, Margaret did not live to see her dream completed as she died in 1530.

The monastery includes a gothic church, three sets of cloisters and a museum. It all can be visited in about two hours and has few stairs (except for the museum, which is on two levels). There are free wheelchairs for anyone with limited mobility.

The museum is in, what were the monks’ rooms and cells. It has a selection of paintings from the 15th to the 19th century along with sculptures. The church is the centerpiece of the Brou Monastery. It has good indoor natural lighting. This aluminates it’s many features. Which include, sculptures, stained glass windows and of course the three tombs. The tombs are located near the altar and can’t be missed.

If you are in the area or just passing through the Brou Monastery makes a nice stop. Behind the monastery is a park where you can picnic if you like.

The monastery has documentation in English.

The Brou Monastery is accessible from the A40. You can use either exits 5 or 6 and then follow the signs marked ‘Brou’. The monastery is only about a 20 minute once you exit the A40.

Photos of the Brou Monastery

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