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ParisThe Brame in Sologne

By Kristi Anderson

The "Brame" is a magical moment in forests all over the world but none more so than in Sologne. Sologne, the forested region located in the heart of France, welcomes the Brame with open arms every fall.

The french word Brame, is untranslatable, the dictionary says, "howl, wail, or bell" I would say bellowing. But "brame" is so much more poetic than our "rutting season" that I continue to use it.

The "Brame" encompasses far more than just the physical mating of deers. It is also the bellowing of a stag to win the right to mate. It is also the sight, sound and smell of the forest at this special time of year. It renders up sitting by the fireside, collecting and cooking mushrooms, drinking hot wine. I could continue on and on as it is , without rival, my favorite season of the year. The exact time of the Brame only Nature knows but it is usually mid-september to mid-october.

To celebrate the brame come visit us at the Auberge Saint Jacques, a B&B located in the heart of a typical Solognot village, Ligny le Ribault, known the world over for the brame. From each room at our Auberge leave the window open so that you can enjoy the bellowing or come sit with us in the garden and from this vantage point you will be surrounded by the plaintful cries of the stags.

But more than that, our brame week end package starts Friday evening when you arrive to a roaring fire and a French country game dinner. Depending on what is available we might have roasted boar, pheasant pot pie or a hare stew. (We can also make the vegetarien very happy) After breakfast Saturday you are free to visit the area (we would love to help you plan your day).

Late afternoon we will rendez-vous at the "Maison du Cerf" (a five minute drive from us) to join the others. You will then visit this delightful museum devoted to the stag. (There is also a boutique selling local products such as rillettes and honey.) A guide will lead the group into the forest where hopefully everyone will enjoy the sights and sounds of the stags. Unfortunately the actual sighting of a stag can not be guaranteed as it is nature that is in charge not us. But even in the event of a "no show" what is guaranteed is the magical moment in the forest. The sights and sounds of a Solognot forest are unforgettable. After the guided tour it is back to the museum to enjoy a buffet and compare experiences. A truly unforgettable evening. After breakfast Sunday you are once again free to visit the area as I am sure you didn’t finish Saturday or just curl up in front of the fire before returning home.

Prices including breakfast Saturday and Sunday, dinner Friday, buffet Saturday and the visit ;one person: 160€ two persons: 220€. This two day package is available everyday but Monday. Kristi Anderson Saint Jacques 15 pl de léglise 45240 Ligny le Ribault

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