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Southern BurgundyAutun

Located in the middle of Burgundy, this sleepy little town has everything a tourist could want, Roman ruins, a Cathedral, medieval walls, school that was once attended by Napoleon and even a Tibetan Monastery!

Known as "Augustodunum" during the Roman era, Autun's outdoor theater was once the largest in Roman controlled Gaul. It could hold over 20,000 spectators on three levels. Other remaining Roman structures include Porte St-André and Porte d'Arroux, two of the original Roman gates to the city. The town's ramparts and walls are large, and still look able to keep out the unwelcome.

The St-Lazare Cathedral built in the 12th century has a masterpiece of sculpture above its doorway, the tympanum. Just be warned that there are pigeons galore so look up with care! The Chapter House has many bible passages carved into stones that where once apart of the Cathedral.

The Lycée Bonaparte was attended by Napoleon in 1779 (hence the name), just before he went to military school in Brienne.

In the hills outside of town a wonderful view can be found in front of the Croix de la Libération (Liberation Cross). This cross was erected a few years after WWII to celebrate the liberation of Autun.

Also not to be missed is the Temple de Janus (Janus Temple) on the banks of the Arroux River. Its two standing walls are what is left of a sanctuary dedicated to an unknown god. Why then it's called the Temple de Janus, I do not know.

Musée Rolin in Autun

Golf d'Autun: 18-hole municipal golf course sits.

Video of the Autun Cathedral.

Video of the Roman Theater in Autun.

The small street Cul de Sac du Jeu de Paume has one of the nicest signs you'll ever see.

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