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FRANGLISH Reinvents Learning Languages in Paris

With FRANGLISH learn French and meet locals in Paris while having a drink.

FRANGLISH, the expert in social language exchanges, announces the launch of its innovative concept promoting meetings between native French and English speakers. The goal of FRANGLISH is that simple: learn a foreign language in a relaxed atmosphere. Improve your French in a great environment where you can start meeting French people and forming friendships!

Created in 2010, FRANGLISH is the expert in social language exchanges in Paris and soon in other cities. Its innovative and dynamic concept promotes meetings between native French and English speakers with events taking place 3 times per week from 7pm to 9pm in some of the best venues across Paris. The entrance fee is 10 euros, including a drink. Its format of one-to-one conversations that last for 15 minutes (half in French and half in English) guarantees meeting locals and discovering their cultures while having a good time.

7 minutes in English, 7 minutes in French, switch table and meet somenone new

The founders of FRANGLISH, Nicolas Saurel and Steven Annonziata, two engineers who have lived abroad, started thinking: “Since we’ve been back in France, we have had only a few opportunities to practice English with natives: it is not that easy to meet and create friendship with anglophones.” The two friends, since childhood, had tried many options spanning from very formal and quite expensive lessons to big parties where it can be difficult for attendees to overcome shyness. In essence they couldn’t find a happy medium so then they decided to create it and came up with FRANGLISH.

Make progress while having fun

“In the friendly atmosphere of the best venues accross Paris, FRANGLISH is based on a simple idea: to combine the useful with the pleasant!,” says Nicolas Saurel “We offer English and French speakers the opportunity to discover and share their language and culture while having a drink. Not hidden behind their computer screens, but in person, in real life.”

Precisely, how does Franglish work? You start by registering through the website, then attendees meet up in a bar or restaurant with a floor or room dedicated to Franglish, from 7pm to 9pm, for a price of 10 euros including one drink. After the welcome drink, they start their first one-to-one mini-conversation. Each session lasts for 15 minutes; English and French speakers alternate half time in French, half time in English with at least 5 different people. After the 15 minutes, people switch tables and partner! Out of inspiration? If needed a bilingual facilitator is here to help people break the ice and guide them via conversation suggestions.

More of a social event than a language lesson

“Our experience abroad taught us that the best way to learn a language is to talk about things we know and like. With FRANGLISH one can talk about anything and everything without the fear of being judged,” concludes Steven Annonziata.
FRANGLISH is not an after work or a new approach to speed dating: this is a social event that allows you to (re)discover a language and a new culture, Franglish aims to create a link between communities that have a lot to learn from each other.

See for more information.

Franglish is based on Spanglish started by Maya May in 2008.





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